Ahl e bait tvAHL E BAIT TV CHANNEL is a Muslim satellite TV channel based in the united stated kingdom. The mission statement on its WebPages stipulates the main objectives of the Ahl E Bait TV are to educate the Muslim community airing various educational, welfare and religious programs. Ahl E Bait TV was established by ayatollah ghadeeri a well-known Pakistani ayatollah currently residing in London.  The channel name Ahl E Bait TV refers to the Persian Urdu term Ahl E Bait TV that is a derivate of the term Arabic ahl-ul-bait that is a phrase denoting the prophet Muhammad and its closest family. Ahl E Bait TV Islamic programs such as majaalis, salaam, marsiyas, nauhas and ziyaraat. Other programs include Islamic films and lectures, quranic programs, youth programs and English language broadcast. Ahl E Bait TV channel is the first sky TV channel language in the UK and Europe on the holy name of the Ahl E Bait. This is he first visual network to promote the true preaching of Islam. Ahl E Bait TV has always taken every possible effort to defend the honor of the Ahl E Bait TV against the false allegations made by pother sects. A team of our dedicated ulmas, scholars, doctors and lawyers are at your service to provide you with the best possible advice to solve your every social as well as religious issue. If you want to watch online Ahl E Bait TV, it is also available free of charges and you will surely like the Ahl E Bait TV. Ahl E Bait TV has a great setup of promoting the religion of Islam as well. Ahlebait TV is a great channel of Islamic programs in the UK and Europe to promote the value and quality programs and to guide the mankind towards true Islam. Ahlebait TV is an educational and informative medium, striving to fulfill the religious, social, cultural and spiritual needs of human beings. Main objectives of the Ahlebait TV are designed to develop the Muslim community by covering various educational, welfare and religious needs. Ahlebait TV also has live station to promoting the all kinds of information and the department of Ahlebait TV wants to spread the Islamic information in all over the world as well. If you want to watch the Ahlebait TV then contact the TV channel service provider as well. A good news for the viewer of Ahlebait TV is that as we know that channel is made on the name of Ahlebait so due to the your and Ahlebait support Ahlebait TV is now enhancing its services and also moving its studio to a news place. This studio TV is more enhance than the plan pervious one. Ahlebait TV is not only enhancing the studio place but also is going to represent better program with better colors and performance. So always keep watch and help Ahlebait TV. You can also put our views while watching online Ahlebait TV. You can live watch TV channel from www.ahl-e-bait.com. If you want to know more information about Ahlebait TV just log on to our website and get further details.

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