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The capital times is a daily newspaper which is published in Madison, Wisconsin by the capital times company. The capital times newspaper is primarily distributed in a 19 county region in south central Wisconsin. The capital times newspaper formerly Monday through Saturdays with a weekday circulation of 19,355 and a Saturday circulation of 21,065. The capital times newspaper ceased daily Monday through Saturday publication with its April 26, 2008 edition and became a primarily Internet based news operation, publishing twice weekly free supplements. The capital times newspaper began publishing as an afternoon daily on December 13, 1917, competing directly with the Wisconsin state journal. The capital times newspaper have big lounge of news which the department is representing the public safety ass well. In the season 2008 the capital times newspaper was named newspaper of the year among the nation’s large circulation suburban dailies by suburban newspapers of Madison, Wisconsin united state. If you want to get the latest news from the capital times newspaper and also this newspaper provides the all life style news according to the demand of the daily updates. In The capital times newspaper there is such as nice information about real sate and classifieds as well. The capital times newspaper provides the daily updates and latest true stories as well. Now you can keep your self with environment of latest issues and circumstances as well. The capital times newspaper the local art and entertainment news and you can also read the information about lifestyle as well. The capital times newspaper is a valuable newspaper in the city and the department of the capital times newspaper also trying to promote the more and entertainment and valuable ads in the newspaper. There is a great community of the sun newspaper, which provides the local and all type of information to the public. The capital times newspaper has great dealing staff, which is trying to generate and make the newspaper biggest valuable in the whole Madison, Wisconsin city, now you can get more information with the help of capital times newspaper. The capital times newspaper has a great value in the market and it publishes in a whole week. With the passage of time, the capital times newspaper is getting success in the city and also it is promoting the other companies as well. You fill get a great experience with the capital times newspaper. If you want to know more latest information about capital times newspaper then log on to our website for further details.

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